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May 17 • News, Videos1 Comment

Oh yes. First in-game footage release for Dead Island

Again, Techland (under Deep Silver) has us all stumped. All of the official releases (especially the official backwards-forwards video… you know the one I mean) show a really gritty environment and the promises of deeply integrated and engaging story. But the dribbles coming out of the press suggest a more cartoonish atmosphere in line with Dead Rising or Left 4 Dead.

It’s a head-scratcher. But rather than speculating whether this will be the next Resident Evil or another on the list of great Zombie games I’m hoping this game is as unique as it could be.

Let’s list the elements that could make this great:

Open world
Multi-layered damage (to NPC’s and enemies!)
Improvised Weapons
Upgradable weapons
RPG levelling system

With a toolset like that you’ll get a good game no matter what and a great game is entirely possible.

Let’s just hope it’s not as buggy as some Deep Silver games have been. Take note Techland.

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