When Two Become One: Metal Gear Solid V Unveiled

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The mysteries have been unveiled! What is Ground Zeroes, What is The Phantom Pain? Well, they’re both the same game. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was announced during a GDC Keynote last night with a trailer, gameplay demo and then demonstrations of the Fox Engine and it’s attempts at photo realism. The six minute trailer is right here for your eyes’ delight.

Hideo explained to the crowd that Ground Zeroes will be the introduction to the game, with The Phantom Pain being the main part. It’s somewhat like MGS2 and 3, wherein you have the Tanker mission at Virtuous Mission at the start and then, after some appropriate shit goes down, the main game begins with that being Big Shell and Operation Snake Eater in 2 and 3 respectively. The gap between Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain is nine years because, as we see in the trailer, Big Boss gets into a nine year coma, which makes the game take place in 1983 – Ever crawling towards the first Metal Gear set in 1995.

So why does Big Boss get into a coma? Well it seems a fraction called XOF attacks Mother Base whilst Big Boss is off trying to rescue Chico. With Mother Base long gone after his coma, him and Miller create a new fraction: Diamond Dogs. The trailer also had a hint towards a Ocelot making an appearance. When Big Boss gets out of his coma though, things arnt all going well as you can see in this gameplay demo from last night.

It seems that Big Boss is going to be seeing some hallucinations in the game, with a Volgin-esque figure appearing in the fire, but also because of the flying fire whale in the sky and fire unicorn seen in the main trailer. Also in the gameplay demo you can hear one big controversial change: Big Boss is no longer voiced by David Hayter. For many this is a huge deal, with him being Snake since 1998. It also came to a blow for him on his personal Twitter, with him revealing that he had never been contacted about the role in any capacity. Personally though I don’t see this as a bad thing. Hayter’s vocal range has been bad for both MGS4 and Peace Walker and if Hideo could see that and wanted to change it, then so be it.

The other big surprise was that, as gorgeous as this looks, it’s not a next gen title. It will be coming to the PS3 and 360, though when is yet to be seen.

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