We’re all in a State Of Decay

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Here at Nerfed we all love the Zombie genre. We all play games like DayZ, Left 4 Dead, The Walking Dead, Dead Rising and even MineZ the list is endless, but even we have to admit these days that the amount of zombie games out there can only be rivalled by the amount of make-up Jordan has to put on to stop her looking like an extra from one of these games. So with that in mind it takes a lot to get us drooling like one of our favourite brainless punch bags but State Of Decay is certainly doing that.

State Of Decay is an offering from Undead Labs and has a slightly different feel to the usual zombie survival games out there. It asks that question that all zombie fans have been wanting to know “what would you do in a zombie apocalypse” This is what’s called a “Long-term survival horror” apparently, what that means is that rather than just blasting through hordes of zombies till either you get bored or there are none left you actually have to think tactics, I know, how mad is that?

Having survived the original breakout you find yourself in a isolated small town in America. Once you’ve established a main camp (plus lookout stations) it’s up to you how you keep them safe. All the choices you make in this game will shape the open-play world. Like in all the other games if you go around splatting zombies in your pick-up truck and beeping your horn in merry abandonment then your bound to attract a lot more zombies but on the other hand being stealthy will sacrifice speed and we all know you don’t want to be caught out late at night when zombies are about.

Resources are a big thing in this game too, but you can’t just go out and empty everything as this will leave your resources depleted without the possibility for regeneration, smash all the cars up and you’ll run out of cars for good. If you put enough effort in you can grow your own crops for food but do you do this or venture further out into the world in the hope of finding new goodies to play with?

Whilst you are out and about you may run into other survivors which throws up even more questions. Do you bring them back to your outpost so that they can help with the workload like tending to your crops (and all the other boring stuff you don’t want to do) If you do this then you end up with another mouth to feed placing more strain on your already limited resources.

All this looks great and if done correctly Undead Labs could have a big hit on their hands, most people are calling this a cross between DayZ and GTA (so no pressure there lads) Undead labs have said that they will release this game as a single player game first so that people can play it and enjoy the experience but the end game seems to be to make this an MMO and with Jeff Strain (a programmer on StarCraft, Diablo and Guild Wars) behind the wheel we’re very excited about the potential of this game.

State of Decay is set for a Spring 2013 release for XBLA and PC so lets all cross our fingers and hope that it delivers everything it’s promising to do.  Until then here’s a short video from Undead Labs to whet your appetite.

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