Will create IPs for food

Warner Bros looking to get THQ in January Sales

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Will create IPs for food

Will create IPs for food

Oh THQ. You used to be one of the big dogs, one of the guys who we all looked up to and said “Yes!”  You owned the wrasslin’ game world, you gave Spongebob Squarepants his entrance into gaming, you defied the Grand Theft Auto purists with Saints Row. Oh THQ, whatever happened?

Bankruptcy to be exact. THQ has become another giant to fall in these harsh economic times, and the latest body blow to their recovery comes as US Bankruptcy Judge Mary Walrath has blocked a pre-sale to Clearlake Capital due to the possible underhandness that may ensue. Creditors who objected stated that the sale prevented other buyers coming in.

Other buyers like Warner Bros.

Yes, with the WWE, Saints Row and Warhammer 40K franchises all under THQ’s tight belt, Warner Bros have stated their interest. Along with Ubisoft, they are waiting to see what happens before moving in. Most likely with one of the $1 buys that are all the rage these days.

So look behind those sofas folks, and you too can own your very own games franchises! And a pig-load of debt too…

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