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Ultimate Gaming Chair

Jan 12 • Gallery, Stories4 Comments

Looking to the very best gaming chair on the market? Forget built in fridges and massage units, this is the way to go. By the end of this you’ll be looking at your gaming space in disgust. Your setup will appear inadequate and life won’t be worth living. OK it wont be that bad but there will be a serious case of envy. Check out the MWE Labs Emperor 1510 workstation.







Amazing right? I bet you want one. How much you ask? There’s no easy way to say this but it’s $6,200. Yes, that’s a lot for a chair only one person can sit in. Unless you’re blessed with more money than sense of course. If yo uare, might i interest you in the Emperor 200? It’s a pinch at $44,500. Which is cheap considering it’s a custom built chair that looks like a Transformer…

If you want one (or you’d like to buy me one) head over to MWE Labs webpage they call it a workstation. It’s not, no work will happen there. It’s a gaming chair, plain and simple.

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    I just shit my pants, wonder if this chair will fix that?

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