Two Angry Gamers get to grips with Guns Of Icarus Online

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Guns Of Icarus Online is an odd game to say the least. If it’s aiming for the “different from all other games out there” then it’s hit the mark. So for a game that is “odd” who best to give it a blast then our very own oddballs Adam and Tommy from Two Angry Gamers.

It seems like they had a lot of fun playing it but why not see for yourself in this ten minute gameplay video from TAG.

All in all Guns of Icarus can be summed up as pretty fun with a group and would probably be a solid LAN choice, however there are still a lot of bugs to iron out but hopefully these will be patched in soon. Personally, I wouldn’t recommend playing this game on your own or with randoms as relying on them to steer your ship or fire at the enemy via text chat is a major pain, voice comms are pretty essential. But it’s pretty cheap so it’s probably worth a look.

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