Two Angry Gamers get hands on in Surgeon Simulator 2013

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TAG are at it again with this extended cut of their quickplay series: Episode 9 – Surgeon Simulator 2013

Two Angry Gamers, Adam and Tommy, like to pick up random games and give them a quick play through. In their time, I don’t think they’ve had anything as random as this offering from Bossa Studios.

Time for a little background information about the game. Surgeon Simulator 2013 was created by Bossa Studios as an entry at one of the Global Game Jams this year. If you’ve never heard of this annual event, GGJ is a two-day sprint held in hundreds of locations around the world that calls upon its participants to make a game – any game – within that mind-bogglingly limited time frame.


Myself and Trey had actually picked up on this game being played on a live stream on Twitch and decided that we wanted to pass this on to TAG and get them to work their magic on it. Well, turns out they were one step ahead of us when they sent us this. Enjoy.

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