Tera to go F2P… dun dun dun… another one bites the dust

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Tera Rising

And another one gone, another one gone, another one bites the dust! Today Gameforge announced that beleaguered MMO Tera goes F2P in February. 

Korean developer Bluehole Studio already announced this switch in December. Now Gameforge follows suit as publisher of the European game version. The free-to-play model of Tera will have two base account types: free  and Veteran. The free user will be play free and will receive complete access to the entirety of Tera’s game content. This includes the races, classes, instances, equipment items and PvP content for example, but also unique features such as the political system. Limitations exist for free users merely in the form of functional option restrictions, such as the number of character slots or the number of safe deposits available.

Tera really had great assets... geddit?

Tera really had great assets… geddit?

“We are very pleased to be able to in future offer the game content of Tera to its fans for free and in addition, to offer all who are interested the opportunity to see the quality of the game for themselves”, said Eva Schmitt, Product Director of Tera. Check out this video announcement worth watching, if only for the hilariously ropey voiceover:

Players that acquired Tera by purchase will be ranked as veterans and will enjoy free and complete access to all game functions – no matter if an active subscription is held on rollout. This will mean more comfort over the free users, for example, with 8 character slots, the complete amount of safe deposits or even a special in-game title, that will help them to stand out as a veteran in the world of Arborea. Take note Bioware. You too Funcom.

Both account types will in addition offer the opportunity to become a member of the Tera Club, which is basically the same as the current subscription. Players that currently have a subscription running will receive automatic club membership. Additionally to the content of both account types, members receive further advantages with regard to game comfort: shorter cooldown times for instances, increased experience point yields or an epic mount. And Tera really does have EPIC mounts.

Tera club features
The F2P version of Tera, will also feature a brand new dungeon as well as a new arena for exciting 3 versus 3 battles. Check out the new features here: http://tera.enmasse.com/free

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