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  • Any similarity to this author is purely coincidental

    Oli’s Monday Mii-Time #24

    Jul 8, 13 • FeaturesNo Comments

    How do you value a game? This is the question that has dominated my thoughts of late. For you see, when ruminating over what to write as a column this week, I decided upon noting my favoured games of 2013 thus far. However, this list basically consisted of...

  • Well that leaves me out...

    Oli’s Monday Mii-Time #14

    Mar 25, 13 • Features, StoriesNo Comments

    Passion. Passion is sorely lacking in the gaming world of Oli J right now. And with good reason. This has been a disappointing gaming time for me, with GTA V being delayed, as well as Aliens: Colonial Marines and Sim City being buggy, defective messes which...

  • EA server crew hard at work...

    Oli’s Monday Mii-Time #12

    Mar 11, 13 • Features, StoriesNo Comments

    Sometimes, the universe throws together things in one big soup, in order to mess with us. Think of it as the Perfect Storm, where certain elements collide to create havoc in a way that beggars belief. A physical re-enactment of Murphy’s Law perchance....

  • PSPEAbox

    Server Offline. Apologies.

    Mar 8, 13 • Features, StoriesNo Comments

    Journalism can all be about coincidence. This was not a reactionary piece. This was something I was already researching and talking about writing, but then things happened. The company I was talking about came out with a game. A game that does things that...

  • Otherwise known as OJ, Trey & Mike

    Oli’s Monday Mii-Time #8

    Jan 28, 13 • Features, StoriesNo Comments

    Good day dear reader. Now first, a confession. I bait and switched you last week by suggesting I was going to inform you of my top 4 games that I was looking forward to this Gaming Season, but then only told you 2! It was a despicable overt method of...

  • Terrible table manners, these Xenomorphs

    Oli’s Monday Mii-Time #7

    Jan 21, 13 • Features, StoriesNo Comments

    We’re 3 weeks into 2013 now. How is it for you? Pretty darn tooting? Lovely stuff, glad to hear it. But don’t get too settled in just yet, as right around the corner we have the Spring Season of gaming. When the big AAA titles are unleashed once...

  • Prison_Architect_Logo

    The Wizard of Oz: Oli previews Prison Architect

    Nov 5, 12 • News, StoriesNo Comments

    I keep saying this, and will until the dawn of time, but I bloody love a good city-builder. And I think I know why… it’s all about my God Complex. Having the power to create, tinker and manipulate life in the form of infrastructure be it as a...

  • simcitylogo

    Oli @ Eurogamer: Sim City

    Oct 3, 12 • Reviews, StoriesNo Comments

    I’ve talked a lot about my passion for City-Builder games, having grown up on the likes of Theme Park and Dungeon Keeper, and heralding titles from Tropico 4 to Simpsons Tapped Out for their use of city-building mechanics. But only one franchise moulded...

  • IMG_0415

    Nerfed @ Eurogamer Expo: The Pics!

    Oct 1, 12 • Gallery, Media, News, StoriesNo Comments

    So yes, the Nerfed crew went to the Eurogamer Expo in London Earl’s Court and naturally, while we were there we played some games. Well it is kind of our duty to you, isn’t it? But before we tell you about all the glorious games we played (and the...

  • What is to be done of this Homer Simpson?

    Mmm, Premium Currency… Oli reviews The Simpsons: Tapped Out

    Sep 12, 12 • Reviews, StoriesNo Comments

    Recently, I upgraded my old HTC phone to a brand, spanking new (although not that new as no. 5 was released today) iPhone. Now, yes, I realize that some of you out there get a little angry over the whole Apple thing, so I’ll just wait while you let your...

  • "I'm yours. Forever. LOVE ME!" E3 Report (Microsoft, Nintendo & Beyond…)

    Jun 7, 12 • News, Stories, VideosNo Comments

    The biggest event in gaming is upon us, with E3 arriving with a whizz and a bang and a whole bucket-load of gaming goodness. So, naturally, Geekyly was flown first class, complete with strippers and champagne, to witness first hand all the console coolness...

  • What’s this? SimCity 5 announce trailer? WHA?

    Mar 7, 12 • News, Videos1 Comment

    That’s right, it seems one of My Favourite Games is getting the common practise of a franchise reboot! SimCity (also mooted as SimCity 5) is coming! And it looks very impressive… While the trailer does point out this isn’t “in game...

  • 16 Bit Memories – Sim City

    Nov 30, 11 • Reviews3 Comments

    Hello, good evening and welcome to 16 Bit Memories, a look back an era where 3D was done by the Duke and the closest you got to Skyrim was subscribing to Rupert Murdoch. Lately I have garnered many strange looks due to my choice of favoured title this prime...