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  • Playtality

    Playtality: Eurogamer 2014 Part 1

    Sep 29, 14 • FeaturesNo Comments

    Ah, Eurogamer… that one time of year (apart from Rezzed) where I embrace my inner-gamer and feed him a veritable feast of gaming enjoyment to nourish and tantalise for the months ahead.   And as always, this year was no different. Fresh into the new...

  • champ man

    The Champ Manager Diaries #14

    May 1, 14 • FeaturesNo Comments

    After 7 games, it was time to look at the state of affairs I had crafted for myself at Everton. My mission, from the board, was to not get relegated. Thus far, that was not a problem; I was sitting in 3rd, with only 1 loss to my name and only 1 point off the...

  • champ man

    The Champ Manager Diaries #13

    Apr 24, 14 • FeaturesNo Comments

    The road to cup victory began with a good young signing, a Norseman by the name of Fuglerud Danboltt. A mouthful, to be sure. He was a central midfielder and would provide a good body should we need one. I liked Scandinavian players, and anyone who plays...

  • champ man

    The Champ Manager Diaries #12

    Apr 17, 14 • FeaturesNo Comments

    A Premier League season is a marathon, not a sprint. It is important to start slow, and build up pace toward the end. Right now, my Everton squad were picking up points here, picking them up there. So far, we were 2-1-1, a grand start. But the season slows...

  • champ man

    The Champ Manager Diaries #11

    Apr 10, 14 • FeaturesNo Comments

    With the internationals now in the past, it was time to get back on track. So far, Everton’s league season consisted of 1 Draw, and 1 Loss. Early days, but I was desperate to get something in the W column. And the opponents to do that against?...

  • champ man

    The Champ Manager Diaries #10

    Apr 3, 14 • FeaturesNo Comments

    After weathering the blue storm of Chelsea, the season for Everton and me had truly begun. My team were becoming a well-oiled machine, with the new blood mixing well with the old blood. In fact, it was one big bloody mass of plasma. That analogy went from me...

  • champ man

    The Champ Manager Diaries #9

    Mar 27, 14 • FeaturesNo Comments

    Good omens ahoy! First of all, the news came through that Taribo West got a work permit! The dreadlocked defensive dynamo would be an Everton player before you know it. Of course, fitness may prevent him getting 90 minutes in our first game (against Chelsea,...

  • Miitime Header

    Oli’s Monday Mii-Time #43: Rezzed 2014 Preview Edition

    Mar 24, 14 • FeaturesNo Comments

    So, Part 2 of my 2014 preview! What delights are on the horizon… what will entice me to spend my hard-earned cash… what… Wait? It’s Rezzed this week? Oh tit-mongers! Prob should do a column about that then… Right! So… where...

  • champ man

    The Champ Manager Diaries #8

    Mar 20, 14 • FeaturesNo Comments

    So here we go. Last friendly of the season. The Everton team were relaxed, I was relaxed, Hell… even Steve Hodge was relaxed! As my assistant manager, he had to put up with my daily rants about training, transfers, and Taribo West’s work permit....

  • Miitime Header

    Oli’s Monday Mii-Time #42: 2014 Preview Edition (part 1)

    Mar 17, 14 • FeaturesNo Comments

    So, the gaming season is well and truly upon us, as 2014 begins in earnest with a plethora of top titles vying for your attention. Do you get yourself the Stick of Truth? Or break out the mech in Titanfall? So many choices… Already, I have indulged in a...

  • champ man

    The Champ Manager Diaries #7

    Mar 13, 14 • FeaturesNo Comments

    One month. One month without our holding midfielder Thomas Graveson. One of Everton’s better players was crocked with a twisted ankle. Curse you, Gods of fate! Still, Schumacher had impressed in his place, and there was no time to feel sorry for...

  • champ man

    The Champ Manager Diaries #6

    Mar 6, 14 • FeaturesNo Comments

    With pre-season football in Championship Manager 01/02, there are only 2 key things you need to do: – Build fitness. – Blood new signings into the team. Naturally, as a success-hungry manager, I wanted to add a third: win. Win at all costs. Crush,...

  • champ man

    The Champ Manager Diaries #5

    Feb 27, 14 • FeaturesNo Comments

    Before Norway, new players! Graeme Jaffa, Martin Holmberg, Gary McGovern, Gerard de Vries and Erling Slemmen all came in. But the two which caught my eye were some delightful prospects. Lee O’Neill, a young right winger with bags of potential, and Mark...