Steel Series Wireless MMO Mouse Review

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Comfort is important, especially whilst gaming. Lying back on a nice big sofa with an FPS in front of your face lets you kill in comfort, something that my therapist says I shouldn’t admit to doing outside of their office. For MMO’s though this is fairly hard to do, it’s not like you can sit with a keyboard and mouse comfortably on your lap infront of your TV. To combat this, Steel Series have now released their Wireless MMO Mouse for PC and Mac, which is making that dream of ‘Leeroy Jenkins’ing your way through a forge in a more comfortable position a lot more attainable.

The mouse makes this more possible by having ten buttons right there in the palm of your hand, with each assigned to a key button in WoW. The ergonomics and buttons are smooth and it’s lovely to play with. The mouse also has a strong sensor, meaning playing it on your bed is certainly an option with the mouse pointer working in that situation, where most would simply flicker about. With the mouse comes its wireless hub, which also charges the mouse when it’s docked. It’s a rather large piece of tech which could simply be a much smaller and easier dongle, but style has come over practicability here.

The Steel Series software which comes packed in should let you create custom controls, so you can use the mouse in other games and create macros. However when I tried the Application macros simply didn’t work, which was disappointing as, with me using TextEdit so much, a small button on my mouse which opened the app straight away would’ve been handy, but it wasn’t to be.

Check out our video review at the top of the page for some more in depth thoughts about the mice, where we go into it’s price and if it’s worth your dosh compared to Steel Series’ non wireless mice.

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