Rumour: Shenmue 3 Outed By T-Shirt Maker?

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Ah, Shenmue 3. The holy grail of gaming. Something so many of us want, but seems so impossible. Well, that impossibility might now be waining. It was announced late last year that at this years’ GDC, Mark Cerny would be hosting a postmortem on Shenmue’s development with it’s designer Yu Suzuki. In the past few weeks Shenmue fans have also been able to purchase a brand new T-Shirt from Japanese brand Hardcore Chocolate.


Earlier today, that T-Shirt manufacturer posted an image on their Facebook of Shenmue 3 with both a SEGA and Sony logo in the corners.


Along with the image came the following message, which has been auto-translated into English and slightly edited by me to make more sense.

“There is an influx of orders also from an overseas hardcore fans! “Ryo Hazuki”‘s father is killed by the stage and burns Yokosuka of the 1980s with revenge by collaboration with hardcore chocolate, and old enemy “Lan-Di!” The trip of Ryo Hazuki has just still started!
– Hardcore Chocolate x Shenmue”

The image does not return any results when put into both Google and Tineye’s reverse image searches. So where did it come from and does it show that something in the shape of Shenmue 3 is on its way? Whilst the company could know something, with them making official merchandise, it wouldn’t make sense that they would be given a start screen to use as promotion. The images of Ryo and Ling Shenhua on the image look to be the same renders from Shenmue 2 promotional shots. So whilst we all very much want Shenmue 3, this might not be the proof we need – not yet.

Facebook Link to Hardcore Chocolate

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  • Ricardo Valverde

    Hey, that start menu was originally created by me…lol Here’s the post:

  • James Reiner

    Hello. Shenmue community admin James shengoro86 here. The press start image is just fan art. Message me and I’ll prove it to you.

  • vai_levar_no_cu

    why dont they relase a HD compilation? It just makes sense! Would buy multiple times, on every machine i owned and that had the game released (xbla, wiiu, psn, steam, you name it!).

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