Playstation 4 Launch: No Leather Jackets, No Leather Seats.

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If there’s one thing I love in gaming it’s leather and I don’t just mean those weird games from Japan with that sentiment. However the PS4 launch is now severely lacking in leather. Ubisoft announced at the start of the week that their sneaky, hackathon, open world title Watch Dogs would be delayed until next year – until after April to be precise. This didn’t come as a huge surprise to me, honestly. At both Gamescom and Eurogamer the game wasn’t playable, instead taking floor space in way of a video. I can’t imagine how many annoyed Germans this caused at Gamescom, as it was one of the biggest queue’s and not signposted as a video.
So if Aiden Pearce won’t be running around a virtual Chicago adorned in a leather jacket, then where will day one PS4 buyers get their leather fixation? Most would then turn and run to Driveclub – apologies, #DRIVECLUB, for as the E3 conference showed us – the game has heavily detailed leather seats. Well, after a couple of days of rumours, Sony this morning confirmed that Driveclub has delayed the title until early 2014 – putting the title more in line with the Japanese system launch.
We played Driveclub at Eurogamer and it wasn’t exactly a hugely smooth experience. It’s massively gunning for the realistic Gran Turismo market and the graphics were simply just not there yet, especially with Gran Turismo 6 on display just a few meters away. Now games having more time to bake rather than being rushed out for launch is a good thing, especially with Watch Dogs that looked hugely ropey at Tokyo Games Show’s display. However it is a couple of massive hits for the launch of PS4 – two of the titles that were drawing people in are gone, leaving behind Killzone: Shadow Fall to pick up the pieces and sales.
Indie titles Contrast and Resogun will now be free for PS+ members at launch and Killzone shall have a free multiplayer weekend in late December. These all join Free to Play launch titles such as War Thunder as free bites of gaming to get your teeth around. Even though there are replacements, we know regular consumers. They will see a lack of games on the shelf and be slightly put off. Spreading out the games isn’t bad, but Sony need to hope that the fall of two launch giants won’t hinder the sales. But from the amount of cancelled console pre-orders I’m seeing on Twitter, it might be a bit too late for that already.
If you do want a leather fix for your PS4 though, then I suggest playing Knack whilst imagining Mark Cerny beckoning you to his dungeon. I know if I was getting a PS4 at launch, that is exactly what I’d be doing.

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