Hold it... hold it...

Oli’s Monday Mii-Time #9

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Kirk Sandblaster. Available Now.

Kirk Sandblaster. Available Now.

Imagine, for a moment, you’re a builder. And by that, I mean proper bricks and mortar type. Laying down your bricks, putting together a building for folk to live in, whistling at passing lady types. The whole nine building yards.

And then imagine, that as that builder, you suddenly get the chance to work on another, more exciting and new building, which has several bells and whistles that the current building you’re working on doesn’t have. Sure, you haven’t finished this building, but the new one looks cool and much more fun.

Then you remember about the 4 or 5 buildings before that, laying there, half-finished.

This crap analogy is how I feel about gaming.

Hold it... hold it...

Hold it… hold it…

Currently, I have a whole wealth of games that are sitting on my gaming shelf, half-done and waiting for me to come back and fulfil them with the bonds of completion. Then yearn for me to reach the final boss, conquer the last quest, and add some resolution to their tales. Some even have new tales to tell, which are unspoken and sitting silent.

All these constantly remind me of my slack in properly getting through them.

For example, right now I have everything from Far Cry 3, to Limbo sitting there waiting for me to get through their final hurdles. I haven’t put them aside out of boredom, more distraction. A new game came along, and thus put the other on the backburner. Sleeping Dogs made way for Dishonored, and Dishonored gave way to Far Cry 3.

You love me now.

You love me now.

And the cycle is bound to continue this Spring Season, with Aliens: Colonial Marines being prepped for release tomorrow and Bioshock Infinite on its merry way as well. With such a high flow of AAA titles, if you’re a semi-casual gamer such as myself (although that is mostly down to my intensive fiction writing schedule and vast procrastination skills) then you are left with a backlog.

Not to mention the DLC and Arcade games that are downloaded, only to sit unplayed within the confines of the Xbox. Along with Limbo, epic and enthralling adventures like The Walking Dead, Bastion and Alan Wake are left untouched until that period when you remember you have them, and haven’t played them in literal months.

Is this a symptom of age? I’m 30 this year and a combination of pushing the aforementioned literary career, and doing “grown up stuff” means that putting a few hours into gaming is tricky. But then, that is folly. Age doesn’t dictate gaming time and besides, unlike some folk in their late-20s, I neither have kids nor a spouse to take up my time.

The entrancing eyes of Heskey.

The entrancing eyes of Heskey.

Or is it more the dawn of mobile gaming, a force I have extolled before. Time now is hectic, and a few minutes tapping away at Simpsons or fitting in a game of FIFA between bouts of work is far easier than firing up the console, getting into the cinematic world of Skyrim or New Vegas, and giving your evening away to adventure.

Either way, with the obscene amount of games available to us, it won’t end soon. All I can say is to look at your shelf, think about those games you haven’t loved in a while, and take time to reconnect with them.

Which reminds me, I still need to complete Prey.

(PS. My new book, The Space Adventures of Kirk Sandblaster: Space Adventurer, is out now for Kindle for only 77p. You can also get it in paperback over at Lulu, with an Amazon release soon. Buy now. Buy often.)

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