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Oli’s Monday Mii-Time #14

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It took too long to find me today...

It took too long to find me today…


Passion is sorely lacking in the gaming world of Oli J right now. And with good reason. This has been a disappointing gaming time for me, with GTA V being delayed, as well as Aliens: Colonial Marines and Sim City being buggy, defective messes which betray a potentially better game. Also, when walking into my gaming stores I see high prices but nothing that makes me want to part my hard-earned cash for the games they label themselves on.

All in all, it makes it tough to talk about gaming. There’s no zazz there to make me tell you all how great something is, no Borderlands type fever that makes me extol the virtues of a certain title. Instead, a feeling of almost coasting along, tinkering away at outside endeavours and thinking of how much one does want to get back into grabbing that controller and losing yourself in a world.

How could you miss this guy?

How could you miss this guy?

Well hold firm, because that time may be coming back. Recently some aspects of gaming have entered my bubble and lured me back. The first is the world of mobile gaming. I have retained my enjoyment of Simpsons: Tapped Out (after the horrors of the Harp Glitch), and am excited about the news of a sequel to a nice little favourite of the last year, Tiny Troopers. There seems to be genuine desire for innovation and support in the world of mobile gaming, maybe due to the slightly easier pressure that comes with creating something for a new generation of handheld devices. Either way, it is a market where the cream rises to the crop, and that cream is always impressive.

Outside of mobile gaming though, my mission to plough through my current gaming collection is inspiring me. There is a certain “research” factor for a book project that may be announced later this week… but aside from that, there is a small joy in rediscovering the titles that you once loved. Too much in todays culture there is the desire to trade in instantly, which to be fair does have its benefits. But I’m finding something in re-entering a game from the start, and reliving the moments that made me gasp with glee before. The original Bioshock, for instance, is one that I forgot how good it was to play.

Welcome back?

Which segues nicely to the final reason to be positive about the world of gaming… while the season thus far isn’t the best (for me personally, at least), the future looks positively gleaming. Tomorrow sees the official release of Bioshock Infinite, a game that is getting serious Game of the Year praise from all and sundry. While, alas, I don’t get my copy for another week (curse you Easter Holidays) I have an actual excitement for a game I haven’t had in a long time. The trailers have all been breath-taking with their mix of story and gameplay, there have been no behind-the-scenes scandals to give us caution, and overall the game looks good. Some could moan about a long development time, but if the game is polished enough to justify that, well then… it is not a bad thing.

Add to that some of the games coming soon that look equally amazing. Injustice: Gods Among Us looks like the game we all wished Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe would have been. Resident Evil Revelations could get the franchise back on track after the disappointment of Resident Evil 6 and Operation Raccoon City. Finally, both Dead Island: Riptide and Metro: Last Light could bring a peak to franchises which looked doomed before they even got started.


To be fair, adding Batman to your game usually makes it 5 Stars for me...

To be fair, adding Batman to your game usually makes it 5 Stars for me…

All in all, yes there are reasons to grumble about being a gamer, but good things could be on the way. Hell, the amount of patches and fixes for the likes of Colonial Marines and Sim City may make them into the games we wished they were.

Well, maybe if Sim City add an offline mode…

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