Nerfed welcomes Two Angry Gamers to the fold

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Yesterday saw the Two Angry Gamers Bongeh and TommyRage join the Nerfed team.

I’ve known Adam and Tommy personally for roughly ten years now and they were just as mad and hilarious back then. In the old days they were in a Counter Strike clan called Dishonest Bastards (DB) when I was running Kiss Our Arses (-=[KOA]=-) and we had many a clan match against each other and although my guys tried to take it seriously we usually ended up in stitches by the end of it from the comments they gave in chat.

Since then they have started their own YouTube channel offering game reviews and gameplay clips laced with their own type of humour. It’s this brand of insane comedy they’ll be bring to Nerfed so keep your eyes open for the new video content hitting the site soon, but until then here is a taste of what you can expect.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jeepunPa8Qk?list=UUYkFZFFJlWuwnT7I51TakjQ&hl=en_GB]


Head along to Two Angry Gamers to see more

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