Level Up! “Minecraft Style” – A Parody of PSY’s Gangnam Style (Music Video)

Oct 22 • Level Up!, MediaNo Comments

Yet another MineCraft video, they are everywhere these days but isn’t MineCraft part of everyone’s life? the way this video has been made is impressive, as usual TryHardNinja has put a lot of effort into this. and if you know your MineCraft this will have you in stitches for some time to come


It seems that here at Level Up! we are becoming fans of TryHardNinja and Captin Sparklez but it’s hard not to be

Vocals by TryHardNinja:
Modeling, rigging, and lead animation by Bootstrap Buckaroo:
Music produced by Approaching Nirvana:
Supporting animation, writen, directed, and produced by Jordan Maron
The Jerry Farley – vocal production and editing

Original song by PSY

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