League of Legends – The Lunar Revel

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For the second consecutive year Riot Games has celebrated the Lunar Revel by releasing an appropriately themed update in the latest patch on League of Legends.

The 5 champions and their respective skins

For the duration of the event you can select free, Lunar Revel-themed wards, or gift your friends champions and/or skins. You can also earn some special summoner icons for participating, and finally some appropriately themed skins have been released for Panda Annie, Dragonwing Corki, Jade Fang Cassiopeia, Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao and finally Warring Kingdoms Jarvan IV

Riot has a official page celebrating these new features, check it out here: http://promo.leagueoflegends.com/lunar-revel/en-euw.html I myself might just buy a skin for someone!

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