Join us

We’re always looking for new talent here at Nerfed and we’d like you to join us, yes YOU.

What makes us different from other sites?

Well we’re a very relaxed bunch with a person first approach to writing. What does that mean? Well we want everyone who contributes to Nerfed to have their own unique voice rather than working to a default template. If you have a strong opinion on something then you’ll have the freedom to express your thoughts and feelings. Our editors may offer some advice on phrasing and style but we won’t twist your words or change your meaning. All work is credited to you and links to your own social platforms or websites are not only acceptable, they’re encouraged.

What can you contribute?

Anything you want. If you have an idea for an article or if you fancy creating a video we’ll be happy to feature them.

How do I become a staff writer?

Well that’s a tough one. There’s no firm rule on that. We may decide we like your stuff after your first submission (or even before if you supply a sample of previous work) or it may take some time. But we won’t keep you dangling, if you’re right for the team you’ll be offered a spot on a more permanent basis.

Do I have to buy things for product reviews?

You’ll never be expected to buy something because we want you to cover it. We’ll provide as much as we can to give you enough info and exposure to a title you’re interested in whenever possible. We may not always be able to help but you shouldn’t be left out of pocket because you’re contributing to Nerfed.

How do I sign up?

Complete the form below, you can either submit an idea, an excerpt or a full article below. We’ll contact you to discuss how you’d want it presented and to grab additional contact details for you’d like to embed.

Anything else I should know?

Only two rules really; firstly, this cannot be used for overt product promotion. We want to give writers a platform to share their work not to allow a company to use us as a free marketing vehicle. For advertising queries e-mail Trey to discuss options. Secondly, try not to get us sued. If you have a negative opinion on something it’s fine to share that but be sure to back up everything with a reason. Otherwise, what you present is entirely up to you.

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