Is Prey 2 Extinct?

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Reports are coming out over the gaming grapevine that Prey 2, which surprisingly is the follow up to 2K’s 2006 FPS Prey, is no more. Dutch site PS Focus published the rumours that Bethesda, who had taken over the property, had been informed by developer Human Head Studios that forthcoming press conferences about the game had been cancelled.

The Prey franchise has seen this sort of trouble before, with the original game infamously spending 10 years in Development Hell, and several engine changes, before appearing. The game, which saw you as Cherokee Mechanic Domasi “Tommy” Tawodi, was known for its gravity defying game play and USP of never actually dying. While nowadays it is usually found in the bargain basement of most gaming stores (98p at Game!) it is a solid game in it’s own right and well worth a try.

[youtube id=”5h2TkpFEsn8″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

The sequel, while not continuing Tommy’s story, did seem more intriguing, seeing you as US Marshal turned Alien Bounty Hunter Killian Samuels (a great name for a kid I feel). It was to feature a more open world feel to immerse you more into the alien worlds, rather than the gloop-filled corridor of the original.

As reports from various gaming convention say, the game was quite far in development, so let’s hope that this is just a blip in Prey 2’s development, and that it won’t take another decade to appear…

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