Is Jurassic Life the game we’ve been waiting for?

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When it comes to video game adaptations, there are some franchises that never quite seem to hit the spot. Jurassic Park is one of those franchises. With the exception of the moderately solid SNES port of the game, there has never really been a version which has hit the ball out the park. Telltale Games point & click version was a test run for the OK Back to the Future game, and vastly superior Walking Dead, while recent iOS game Jurassic Park: Builder was a poor imitation of a game done much better by other companies.

But now, we may have something a little bit special, and naturally done through the fan-favourite Source Engine. Valve’s special tinkering toy, which allows gamers to mod the Half-Life games, has led to some pretty special things like Black Mesa, but Jurassic Life could be the Next Big Thing.

While it is all still very much “work in progress”, modder “BUTANe” and his team are working diligently and look to give us a very cool thing indeed.

A showcase trailer can be watched at this very link, and let me just say that even as a minor fan of the Jurassic Park franchise, I’m intrigued.

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