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Hawken’s Open Beta Approaches

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Meteor’s multiplayer Mech masterpiece will enter open beta in just under a week. 12/12/12 save the date because Hawken will blow your mind. Don’t believe me? Well there are a couple things you need to know…

Firstly, let me say this; I hate mech games. I really really hate mech games. In fact I hate anything to do with them (Metal Gear being the exception) whether it’s in anime or cinema. The slow pondering movement inherent in many titles as well as my confusion over how they can take that much damage. Seriously, an AP round in the joint mechanism should neutralise it instantly surely? But something about Hawken grabbed me. In fact I’ve said this before

Coming off the back of several intensive closed beta’s it now feels better than ever; add to that a F2P pricing model and it makes you wonder why we still pay £39.99 (or more for Wii U titles) to play games trading purely on what they believe triple A really is. Well Adhesive games created something that looks as good and plays as well as anything the big devs have. Seriously, look:

Source IGN

In game stores are essential to an F2P title but whist you can purchase boosts and other mods it doesn’t stray into the pay to win territory in my opinion. Even though I’m generally phobic about paying for anything in an F2P title, I will be buying things from the store. Why? Because I love what they’ve done and I want to support them. To me, that’s the highest endorsement that can be offered “I don’t need to pay, but I will anyway”

Hawken hasn’t removed my loathing for mech games and I still cringe when I see an AT-ST in Star Wars but I can’t wait to get back in. Somewhere between Hawken and Planetside 2 my favourite game awaits creation, throw in some space sim elements and that’d be me set for life. While we’re at it, major credit has to go to Epic games for opening up UDK to other developers; without them gems like Hawken may never have seen the light of day.

The open beta starts 12/12/12 and I urge you all to jump in and give it a try. Find out more on http://www.playhawken.com/

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