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Half Minute Hero: Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy preview

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No, no, no I’m not talking about my sex life here although the missus might disagree. Half Minute Hero (or Half Minute Hero:Super Mega Neo Climax Ultimate Boy, to give it it’s full name) is an offering from MarvelousAQL Inc. that is a  hybrid real time strategy/action RPG/shoot em’ up.

Now I was given the PC version of this game on steam to preview and from the very off, it’s clear this game was not intended for the PC. The first screen you get shows off an Xbox controller saying “for best experience use an Xbox controller” Now don’t blink here kids because, if like me, you don’t have an Xbox controller for your PC then this very short clip becomes incredibly important. It will tell you what buttons on your keyboard relate to the Xbox and if you miss this, like I did, your screwed when you come to the menu screen. This game does not use the “default” keys as most would, the likes of “enter” or “shift” or even “ctrl” oh no that would be far to easy in fact it mocks it’s own name in making you take at least 5 minuets in finding out that it uses “z” “x” “c” “v” and “b” and in no real order. Anyway after you’ve pressed every button on your keyboard trying to find out which one is the equivalent of the A button on your Xbox controller you can have a look at the controls screen and get back on track.

In an interview with steam the Developer says pretty much the above when he says

 “There are a couple things that are barriers. One, [Japanese] developers are like, ‘PC? We don’t really know anything about that market if it’s not browser.”

So it’s obvious that we’ll be butting heads with this here from the very start.

So what about the game play I hear you say, well when I started my adventure I still wasn’t quite sure of the keys so I managed to change my name from “hero” to “her2″ and after a few moments of pressing keys to try and change this I gave up and decided to create my hero. “Go forth Her2 and banish this world of evil!” is my cry but it’s not long before my war cry changes into general sobbing. From the very off I feel like a passenger in a game that seems determined to blast through itself as quickly as possible (maybe it’s trying to be nice to me and lessen the pain I have to go through). At one point I was wandering around the area and bumped into a mob (quite literally) and was thinking “ok game redeem yourself with your fighting encounters” and did it? well the short answer is “no” the long answer is “oh my god, I really have to keep playing this game?!?!?!” {Editor’s note, he actually asked me this!}

The battle consisted of my character facing a mob who then proceeded to bounce off one and other until one of us ran out of health. I literally had nothing to do with it, and like the Xbox controller screen at the beginning of the game, if I had blinked I’d have missed it. I think I might have been able to use items during this fight but firstly I didn’t have any and secondly by the time I had remembered which of the random buttons made me use an item the fight would have been over anyway.

Personally I think this game should have stayed on the PSP. It has a very Alex the kidd/Zelda feel to it and is obviously an homage to that sort of game, maybe on the Xbox or PS3 this game could be worth a look but I wouldn’t recommend it for PC users and I wouldn’t suggest spending to much of your hard earned money on this game unless it changes drastically before it’s release on PC on the 27th of September (which I bet it won’t).

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