The Showdown Effect

Giveaway: The Showdown Effect. So many codes [Closed]

Apr 30 • Competitions15 Comments

We have, courtesy of the lovely we have 120 copies of The Showdown Effect to giveaway. That’s One Hundred and Twenty. £958.80 worth of games for you. 

[UPDATED 3rd June] Don’t panic if you miss out, we’ll have a more keys added today so I’m told.

[Updated 5th June] 283 more keys added.

Want one? We’ve made it easy, click the widget below and enter the code in Steam. That’s it. Pretty simple.

Paradox Interactive stuck with a winning formula for The Showdown Effect:

  1. Make it fun
  2. Make it fast

And that leaves you with an addictive combination that we can’t help liking. So grab yours today and let us know what you think

No keys left! Sorry.

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  • RHDS

    Free stuff, thanks.

  • pamomapo

    WOW i missed by a second :( what a shame looks like amazing game :(

    • Tyler

      you can still buy it.

  • LoveSlayer

    Well I didn’t get a key, thanks though.

  • Trey Douglas

    Damn these keys went fast. Smashed our own record! We’ll try to grab a few more

  • caca


    • Trey Douglas

      Head over to we’ve posted more there. The number of people on the site right now is crazy.

      • Rodrigo

        Thanks for the giveaway!
        I picked up a key!
        I must activate now or can do it later?

      • caca

        update and more keys,thanks anyway man :D

        • Trey Douglas

          You can activate at any time via Steam, no time limit (well, within reason anyway)

          • Rodrigo

            ok! Thanks man!

  • huligan300

    damn i missed it D:

  • Scott Burton

    i bet half the codes failed to load and ended up counting as being released and never were. i saw a lot of blank codes and never got a working code.

    • Trey Douglas

      Had a look at this to find out if it was true; each code in our system has an IP address of the redeemer next to it. If the site fell over once they’d redeemed it they’ll still be able to view their claimed code afterwards by returning to the page as long as the same PC / device was used in the same location.

      Truth be told all 600 keys went very very quickly, word spread very fast and we visits from around 89 separate countries

  • zan0za


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