Needs more wacky weaponry.

Dead Rising 3 to rise again in 2013?

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"Sure we could use guns, but I think a big giant teddy bear would work wonders..."

“Sure we could use guns, but I think a big giant teddy bear would work wonders…”

Last year, rumours began via Siliconera of Dead Rising 3 breaking forth from the ground and infecting the video gaming world with some more zombie carnage. It told us that it’d be set in California, that you’d play as a mechanic named Rick, and the time limit gimmick would centre around a bomb in the middle of the town. As well as those pesky zombies, of course.

Well now the rumours have split again, thanks to the Linkedin (proving that it DOES have some uses!) profiles of some Blur Studio employees. Blur Studio worked on cinematics for Dark Souls 2 and Halo 4, and the employees profiles now list Bioshock 3 (presumed to be Bioshock Infinite) and the aforementioned Dead Rising 3…

Now, of course, this is all rumour and conjecture based on info of the flim-flammery nature. But still, Dead Rising 3 is still murmured in circles, with Capcom being enthusiastic in the past. For now though, here is a nice bit of concept art of new zombie-basher Rick for you to dribble over:

Needs more wacky weaponry.

Needs more wacky weaponry.

Source: Xbox360achievements

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