Bungie’s Destiny will have no PC port – Jason Jones loses touch with reality.

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Bungie’s Destiny, the next game from the studio famed for Halo will not have a PC version.

In an interview with Destructoid studio head Jason Jones made a startling statement about the nature of FPS games today.

“We did a bunch of ambitious things on Halo deliberately to reach out to people. We limited players to two weapons, we gave them recharging health, we automatically saved and restored the game – almost heretical things to first-person shooters at the time. We made the game run without a mouse and keyboard. And now nobody plays shooters the way they used to play them before Halo ’cause nobody wants to.”

Taken with a pinch of salt it could be a throwaway comment justifying their decision but I am a little worried that the test data may have been applied to the development itself.

Clearly Mr. Jones is either unfamiliar with of completely underestimating the popularity of Planetside 2, CS:GO, Team Fortress 2 and dozens of other shooters who’ve made their home on the PC. I personally prefer to play my shooters with a mouse and keyboard; my accuracy, range of options and comfort are far greater than with a controller. I like to be able to change my keybinds to a config that works for me, rather than how the developer thinks I SHOULD play. If I suddenly felt like binding shoot to the X button on my gamepad, it’d be nice to do so, but whilst enjoyable most of the time, console gameplay is restrictive in some aspects.

With the above statement, we’re probably not a million miles away when speculating that Destiny will be a next-gen title, possibly exclusive to the new Xbox or Ps4. And PC players will trundle on and do what they always do, adapt, survive and play other games.

Here’s some concept art from Destiny, leaving me to wonder why Bungie would overlook the most powerful gaming platform on the planet when the visual potential is so high.

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