Bioshock Infinite

Bioshock Infinite – First 5 Minutes

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After suffering more delays, Irrational Games BioShock Infinite, the 3rd installment in the series has hit us with the first five minutes of gameplay:

The opening of BioShock was memorable and grand at setting the scene. From Infinite we can see the similarities…the Atlantic Ocean, a distant lighthouse and a setting 48 years before the start of the first game. However instead of going down to Rapture, you’ll no doubt be going up to Columbia…would it be too naive to hope for Columbia to fall out of the sky at the end and become Rapture?


The protagonist Booker DeWitt, speaking from a first-person perspective is certainly an improvement in the player connecting beyond a point and shoot basis, although risks annoyance if over-used or the player not wanting to carry out the main objective straight away!

Already people will be analysing deep into even the smallest of details, the opening quote “The mind of the subject will desperately struggle to create memories where none exist…” will certainly get people thinking back to the ‘conditioning’ of the original game, or even into Shutter Island territory. With this in mind, here’s hoping that the story is well crafted to avoid the game being given away too early on. And who could be the man dead in the chair? I’ll leave these questions up to the conspiracy freaks!

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