Battlefield 3: Ultimate aerial plan B

Dec 11 • Level Up!6 Comments

Another skill video from Battlefield 3; this time Youtube user RendeZook shows us a novel way to take care of jet on your tail. To hell with realism, this was awesome (as is the music which is totally justified).

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  • The Code Hero

    that was beautiful.

  • Scott-catman

    New Chuck Norris.

  • Look

    dumb as fuck that you can even do this. Becuse jets are broken and cant go anywhere in the sky like they used to in bf2. Shit is retarded. Also youd be spotted by a commander before you did anything if they didnt ruin bf3 and take that out as well. This game is for little kids and scrubs who have no skill and want watered down content that just looks pretty. Sad what its coming to.

    • lame

      You’re a douchbag, you suck at this game and therefore “this game is for little kids and scrubs.” pussy

  • Andy

    Give this man a beer.

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