Battlefield 3: Operation Red Alert

Mar 29 • Videos2 Comments

Mad creativity from RocketSolution here; in a tribute to one of the most important RTS franchises we bring you Battlefield 3: Operation Red Alert. With loving homages to both Red Alert (inducing the awesome sound track) and Battlefield 3 it’s a great take on what the original game could have looked like on the Frostbite 2 engine. Movement and audio is reminiscent of Red Alert as well as the slow attrition rate of battles between matched units. Very very well done.

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  • RocketSolution Crew

    Thanks for sharing!
    Though, you might wanna edit your article, it’s RocketSolution who edited the video, not pixelenemy :)
    Pixelenemy uploaded it for us though!

    • Trey Douglas

      Thanks for the info, I’ve made the correction

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