Battlefield 3 – Explosive rounds in a shotgun?

Jan 12 • Videos1 Comment

So what happens when you cross explosive rounds with an automatic shotgun in Battlefield 3? Carnage that’s what.

This player has extended mags and frag rounds in his USAS leading to hot firey death for enemy players. While it’s certainly effective it seems a little unfair that you can fire in the general direction of the enemy and still rack up the kills. Due to the destructive power displayed I don’t think fastest finger will even make a major difference here. I’m a little sad to see this in Battlefield 3, these kinds of perks were one of the reasons I quit Call of Duty.

How do you tackle players with these set-ups? Share your tips with the community.

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  • Kalemarks

    I agree fully I think these are totally over powered.

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