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  • Playtality

    Playtality: Eurogamer 2014 Part 1

    Sep 29, 14 • FeaturesNo Comments

    Ah, Eurogamer… that one time of year (apart from Rezzed) where I embrace my inner-gamer and feed him a veritable feast of gaming enjoyment to nourish and tantalise for the months ahead.   And as always, this year was no different. Fresh into the new...

  • champ man

    The Champ Manager Diaries #14

    May 1, 14 • FeaturesNo Comments

    After 7 games, it was time to look at the state of affairs I had crafted for myself at Everton. My mission, from the board, was to not get relegated. Thus far, that was not a problem; I was sitting in 3rd, with only 1 loss to my name and only 1 point off the...

  • champ man

    The Champ Manager Diaries #13

    Apr 24, 14 • FeaturesNo Comments

    The road to cup victory began with a good young signing, a Norseman by the name of Fuglerud Danboltt. A mouthful, to be sure. He was a central midfielder and would provide a good body should we need one. I liked Scandinavian players, and anyone who plays...

  • champ man

    The Champ Manager Diaries #12

    Apr 17, 14 • FeaturesNo Comments

    A Premier League season is a marathon, not a sprint. It is important to start slow, and build up pace toward the end. Right now, my Everton squad were picking up points here, picking them up there. So far, we were 2-1-1, a grand start. But the season slows...

  • champ man

    The Champ Manager Diaries #11

    Apr 10, 14 • FeaturesNo Comments

    With the internationals now in the past, it was time to get back on track. So far, Everton’s league season consisted of 1 Draw, and 1 Loss. Early days, but I was desperate to get something in the W column. And the opponents to do that against?...

  • 2014-03-29 11.19.12

    Oli @ Rezzed, Part 6: The Best (and Worst) of the Rest

    Apr 9, 14 • FeaturesNo Comments

    Rezzed had a lot of games. So many games, in fact, that if I continued my current rate of producing articles about the games, I would still be writing at next years Rezzed. That’s an overstatement, I admit that, but the point remains; sometimes you just...

  • 2014-03-29 11.19.12

    Oli @ Rezzed 2014, Part 5: The Escapists & Dead Pixels 2

    Apr 8, 14 • FeaturesNo Comments

    The problem with something like Rezzed (or any gaming convention) is that when playing games, you want to sit down and properly get a grip on them. You want to spend hours, rather than minutes, getting into every lick and detail. When there are queues of...

  • 2014-03-29 11.19.12

    Oli @ Rezzed 2014, Part 4: War for the Overworld & Flockers

    Apr 7, 14 • Features1 Comment

    There’s something about old-school franchises that get my blood running all spicy. Maybe that’s because, while older gamers remember the retro era of Atari & Spectrum with fond memories, I began my gaming education in the early-to-mid-90s....

  • champ man

    The Champ Manager Diaries #10

    Apr 3, 14 • FeaturesNo Comments

    After weathering the blue storm of Chelsea, the season for Everton and me had truly begun. My team were becoming a well-oiled machine, with the new blood mixing well with the old blood. In fact, it was one big bloody mass of plasma. That analogy went from me...

  • 2014-03-29 11.19.12

    Oli @ Rezzed 2014, Part 3: TinyKeep & Concursion

    Apr 2, 14 • FeaturesNo Comments

    With an event like Rezzed, it is the smaller games that grease the wheel of interest. Sure, you can have your big dogs barking loudly, but at a smaller event it drowns out everything else. Besides, when perusing the wares, you don’t want someone...

  • 2014-03-29 11.19.12

    Oli @ Rezzed 2014, Part 2: Gang Beasts & Kaiju Panic

    Apr 1, 14 • Features2 Comments

    So, I’ve already told you about the big meals that Rezzed 2014 has served up, but what about the big buffet of lighter bites that it offered? These little nibbles were, as it turned out, much more fulfilling than the main courses, and more varied in...

  • 2014-03-29 11.19.12

    Oli @ Rezzed 2014, Part 1: Alien Isolation & War Thunder

    Mar 31, 14 • FeaturesNo Comments

    The Eurogamer gaming are one of the premium occasions for your modern stick-twiddler. The chance to go along, experience some of the biggest games to be released, some of the more smaller titles that caught your eye, and discover some that you never would...

  • champ man

    The Champ Manager Diaries #9

    Mar 27, 14 • FeaturesNo Comments

    Good omens ahoy! First of all, the news came through that Taribo West got a work permit! The dreadlocked defensive dynamo would be an Everton player before you know it. Of course, fitness may prevent him getting 90 minutes in our first game (against Chelsea,...