About us

Long long ago in the deepest darkest depths of the internet there lived a blog; this quiet labour of love was a mixture of gaming news, advertising commentary and personal thoughts.

Trey, the sole author shared his ideas thoughts and ideas in obscurity until one day a large hairy man caught his attention. His name was Oli and he made zero budget films; a kindred spirit with a passion for simple stories told without flash or bluster. They joined forces and Oli’s works had a home away from home and a whole new audience to interact with.

As time passed and the blog became more popular the duo decided that an entirely new home was needed. Furthermore a greater focus on what really mattered to their loyal fans; gaming and geekery.

Geeky.ly was born.  Eventually Oli expanded from sharp and incisive articles about films to witty conversations about games. The duo grew together and Geeky.ly improved bit by bit.

But Geeky.ly was far too difficult for people to remember, and it didn’t sum up who we were. So on the eve of Eurogamer 2012 we became Nerfed.co.uk a site to focus on content relevant to our mainly British audience.

Also at Eurogamer we found Michael, a man with long hair and a DSLR. We took him on board as a writer and also our head of video.

Others have come and gone over time but the trio of Trey, Oli and Michael remain steadfast in their mission: to bring interesting content to our readers, to resist the draw of fanboyism (a goal we have failed on many occasions) and to be honest in all our works.

We play games because we love them, come and join us:

Trey Douglas

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Oli Jacobs










Twitter: @olijba

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Michael Williams

Twitter: @_micster

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Steam: damicster


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